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Spartans Sports

My memory of New Hartford football is the sheer dominance we had over other teams. In my playing years it wasn't a question of if we were going to win...it was by how much. The though of ever losing a game in my 30 games as a Spartan never crossed my mind (we were 28-2 in my 3 years of varisty). Most importantly, New Hartford was known for their smash mouth style of football. This may include running the same play 6-7 times (if not more)successfully (strong right red 26E). I believe in a game against Auburn a defensive end told the coach he wanted out of the game due to the physical beating he was experiencing. Physically noteam could match us. In those days when you lined up against the Spartans you knew we were going to run the ball right down your throat!

The Current and Future players of New Hartford should know that our history is that of total physical dominance! Let Whitesboro and these other teams know that they are playing for second place. Let last season set the tone for 2008 AND BEYOND.

Bruce Hedlund
1990 Season

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